Friday, September 5, 2008

If Everyone is Thinking "Outside the Box"...

Wouldn't that just put us in a bigger box?


Just Pushing the Darkness Around

We saw Shearwater at the Mowhawk last night. It. was. awesome. They are by far my favorite Austin band (a dangerous thing to say, I know). But.

Not only do their songs hold up live, many of them exceed the CD recordings.

(You can scroll though the minute of commentary. This was the best recording I could find)

So, to sum things up, Shearwater is awesome. I would be incoherent to go into detail about that.

Side Notes:

September is a good month to see shows outside.

A man we noticed in the crowd looked like he'd probably just been released from prison. He had on bright orange pants, a sleeveless button down shirt, and really long hair. Turns out, he is a member of Shearwater. Sorry guy.

Austin is always good for people watching. Ex-cons, transvestites, those with extremely unusual personal taste...or, to be more succinct, musicans.

16oz. Lonestars mean buy 3 get 1 free. Now there is a recession-proof beer. Also, if you're lucky, they will give you some land.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Purple Socks

Pattern: Universal Toe up Sock Pattern
stitch Pattern: my own
Size 2 needles
Hand dyed sock weight yarn

Yay! these are finally done. I took me three tries to get the second one right. That's what happens when you don't take notes and wait three months between socks. Oh well. I think they turned out pretty well.

The stitch pattern I came up with is as follows:
k 1 round
sl1 kfb psso both sts, repeat for the round
k1 round
k1 sl1 kfb psso both sts, repeat for the round

Ta da!