Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Around the Corner

Ever since 9/11, Christmas has come earlier and earlier. Target started putting out decorations before Halloween. The retailers have learned to prey upon our emotions. Everyone is all down about the economy and Christmas cheers people up...until they realize they have no money. This season is supposed to be a big hit for retailers.

But it is Christmas (your whatever winter holiday you celebrate) and gifts will be given. I'm a fan of handmade items. I like supporting individual creativity and there are a lot of special, unique items. I've become addicted to Etsy...there are so many beautiful and affordable things. I've rounded up some of my favorite sellers to share today.

*from left to right*

*top row*
Tilly Bloom - Surreal jewelry and art
Joanna Rutter - Simple silver jewelry, mostly nature themed
Zygopsyche - Neat stuffed animals
John W Golden - Cute prints
Toy Breaker - "Ties that don't suck"
*bottom row*
MaryInk - Screen printed clothing and housewares
Bunny With A Tool Belt - Fine art sculptures
Revisions Design Studio - Neat housewares and jewelry
Blossom Toys - Adorable baby gifts
Luxedelxue - Beautiful jewelry. I've bought a necklace from here and it's very well made. Also, there's an under 20 dollar section with nice things.

**Also, there's a thing on Etsy called Alchemy. You can request custom items and designers will bid on making them for you. I've had good luck with this.

There's a Handmade Pledge website if you want to sign up or find more gift resources. I don't plan on buying handmade gifts for everyone so I'm not officially taking the pledge because I know I won't buy everything handmade, but will look to buy some things.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shooting Weekend Number 2

Despite the bitter cold, this weekend was a blast. Waking up at 5 am and working for 12 hours on the weekend isn't most people's idea of fun, but the awesome crew and script make it worth it.
Also, I don't get to see the sun rise often. It's not called the magic hour for nothing.

*This is less magical*

Did we encounter a fancy hobo tent? Nope. This little lean-to is something I helped put up to keep out the icy wind while we ate lunch on Saturday. Sunday was more pleasant.

The wind stopped and I got to be in the crew car for our mini car chase around the capital. It was really fun to see people on the street reacting to our "gang members" hanging out of their low rider screaming hilarious insults back at our main character. I think some people who didn't notice us following them with a camera were truly terrified and will tell their friends that Austin is going downhill.

We've got one more weekend to go. There will be more car action and hopefully more "freaking' out the squares" (as a friend used to say in high school).