Friday, May 11, 2012

Letter Discovery Activity

We've had several glorious rainy days. Multiple inches in single hours. Thunder, cloud-to-ground lightening, the works. It makes my little drought shriveled heart happy. But OMG, does it get stir-crazy in here with a toddler.

So we've been painting. To add an element of surprise and education to the mix, I devised this little activity. Super easy, fun, and educational.

The only supplies you need are watercolors, paintbrushes, paper, and a white crayon. Write out the alphabet in white crayon on white paper. I found that it helps to press firmly and go over the lines a couple of times.

Then let the little one paint away! Ben was so excited to watch the letters emerge from the paint. He'd shout them out and dance around. (Dancing with a wet paintbrush is a hazard, fair warning.)
This is also an easy way to observe what your kiddo knows without pressuring them. Just through observation of his unsolicited responses, I could see what he understood and where we might need to spend some time practicing.

Ben was particularity excited to discover "his" letter.

Another great thing about this activity is that you can you it for multiple subjects - we've done numbers, shapes, and his full name.

You can even use it to make nice homemade cards.

What do you do to survive those stir-crazy afternoons?

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  1. Finally, a use for the white crayon!!