Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All Laid Out

I've been working on a modern quilt on and off for a few months. I got some pre-cut fabric packs for Christmas (the triangles and the 2.5" strips). All the prints are floral, so I picked out the most graphic, modern ones because it's for Ben. Since most of the prints are rather small, using all of them would have looked to busy for the effect I was going for. I am quite pleased with how it looks laid out, but I'm worried about some of the slightly wonkier blocks.

Ben "helps" me sometimes. He's actually really happy to sit and take the pins out of the finished strips and put them in the pincushion. He knows the quilt is for him and he even picked out a fat quarter of extra fabric and demanded it be included. It was black and white, who was I to argue?

Warmer weather always makes me want to drop my knitting and sew. I ordered the Loulouthi Morning Quilt bundle today. Aren't the colors and prints so happy? The plan is to make it for our bed.

You can find the free pattern at Stitched in Color.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Bunnies

Pattern: Anything Animals(free!)
Yarn: Worsted weight scraps
Needles: 6

These little guys are even cuter in person! I made them for Ben and a friend's Easter baskets. They are quick, fun, and a little addictive...so quick that there's still time to make one or two before Easter. If rabbits aren't your thing, the pattern has instructions for making various kinds of ears or hair to create whatever creature you desire.

The tutu was my own adaptation.
To make the tutu, knit 7 rows in the shirt color in stockinette, then knit a row on the purl side. This will give you purl bumps on the right side.
Continue knitting the body per the pattern. (I switched to the tutu color at this point.)
When the body is completed, use a crochet hook to attach the yarn through one purl bump on the left side of the body.
Chain 5, then slip sts through the 3rd purl bump. Chain 5 again, and slip sts through the 5th purl bump. Continue to chain 5 and attach to every other purl bump all the way across and tie off.
I knit the legs in the same colors as well to give the appearance of stockings.

I didn't get a picture of it, but they also have little pom pom tails in the back.

Happy Spring knitting!