Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Cold!

It officially got chilly yesterday. Time to get serious about the knitting. I'm working on another small project but sweater weather demands, well, a sweater. But which one? I've got four in mind. While I typically reside in a reality of my own design, I'm not delusional. I know I'm not going to make more than one. I might not even finish one. But, in my own reality I will, so I need to get going. Anyway!

Here are the contenders:

*The Minimalist*
Pros: I have the pattern, it's stylish, and looks really wearable.
Cons: It's a LOT of seed stitch

*Midnight Circular*
Pros: The back looks really neat and it's constructed in an unusual way.
Cons: I have to buy the pattern. Not entirely sure I would wear it.

*Modern Lace Henley*
Pros: The pattern is free. The lace looks interesting, and it seems to have a high amount of wearability.
Cons: It's listed as "Piquant" on Kinnty, and I'm not sure if I want something too hard. The lace is charted, which I've never done before and am intimidated by.

*Circular Shrug*
Pros: Free pattern. Looks fairly quick, opening up the possibility of making two larger things (delusional!) Could possibly add full sleeves.
Cons: No sleeves. Gauge instructions are vague.

Anyone want to help me make up my mind? I'm leaning towards the Midnight Circular. It looks comfy.

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  1. Those all look cool, but if you're going for a really easy first sweater, you may want to try the Beginner's Top Down Raglan listed on craftster. I'm doing a long sleeve version of it, as my first sweater, the body's done, and I'm about a third done with the second sleeve, and it's been awesome! There are variations for boatneck or crew neck, too!