Monday, December 8, 2008


Mr. W and I have wanted to buy a house since last year. We occasionally break down and look at houses on Austin Home Search or Zillow even though we really won't be able to start looking for another 6 months or so. We got into a debate about what we would want in our perfect house. He wants a good kitchen and a comfortable living room. I want a sleeping porch and a tower, etc.

I had a bit of free time at school last Friday so I decided to design my perfect house. When you walk in, the room to the right is the living room. To the left is the dining room and from there you can walk into the kitchen, which is in the smaller brick tower. On top of it is the kitchen garden, where perfect tomatoes grow year-round. There's nothing like a really good tomato.

The next tower, the yellow one, has the library / studio and master suite. And, of course, the master bathroom has two sinks. The long, low part of the house is for the other four bedrooms. The roof is tin, so it sounds extra nice when it rains.

The taller brick tower has the lap pool on top and the garage on the bottom, with a little room below the pool with a changing area and dry sauna.

And you can't tell this from the drawing, but there is a courtyard in the middle and the sleeping porch in the back.

If anyone knows someone who works in daydream real estate, let me know :)

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