Thursday, January 22, 2009

Felted Chicken...Yup.

Crafting is always comforting to me. So is stabbing things with barbed needles. Well, by things I mean roving. I had a ton of it left over after decorating the Kandinsky slippers so I decided to put it to a more sculptural use.

I've been occasionally interested in learning needle felting ever since Alice of Katherine Ivy sent me Rupert as part of a Forest Friends swap on Craftster. Years later, I have finally gotten around to it. I checked out Wool Pets from the library and bought the stabby needles. There are a ton of cute ideas and each step is shown in photographs. I started with the chicken first since a friend and I are planning on getting a live one soon (more on that later).

The nameless chicken isn't proportioned correctly. His head is too big and causes him to fall forward on his little wire legs. I always have unreasonable expectations when I learn something new. I think "Maybe this will be the thing that I am excellent at. All this time, my true, hidden, and world changing talent will be this new thing.". I'm not delusional. I know that the first time you try something, it's usually not perfect.

And I have to say, I'm kind of relieved that my one true world-changing talent is not making felted animals. Now I can hold out for something a little cooler. If you want to see cool needle felted pets, check this out. You can have your pet made into a little felt miniature. You can even have it done using their own fur. Personally, I am kind of grossed out by that, but to each their own.

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