Monday, April 20, 2009

Like Roadkill, Possibly


My crafting mojo has disappeared. I've been trying to finish the blue deer above for quite some time. Then there's the half quilted quilt...anyway, there have been a lot of good, happy and exciting things going on in my personal life. They have sort of sucked my energy away, so when I have a free moment, I turn to Lexulous or staring vacantly at the wall to unwind. The muse has left the room, but I hope he returns soon.

What do you do when you need to get the creative juices flowing again?

*Jenny Hart is so cool*

In other news, I went to the SXSW Craftster party with my friend Tiffany back in March. It was good times! I got to meet Jenny Hart, the brain behind Sublime Stitching. She is very sweet in person. Tiffany shared the secret code word with me, so I scored a free pattern.

I definately want to embroider the "Hi, how are you?" alien on a onsie. One day...when the crafting mojo flows again...

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  1. I tell you, my mojo has been coming in spurts. But just this week I've gone crazy and embroidered three of those designs! (And finished a blanket!)

    It shall return. Just be ready and willing. :-)

    Now if I could just feel like blogging...