Friday, March 19, 2010

Handmade Baby Sling

I made this sling using these instructions from the Maya Wrap website. I really appreciate that they provide them. I couldn't justify spending the money on one of their slings because I didn't know if I would like using it or not. I made mine for 15 dollars. While it is not perfect, it is comfortable and useful. If/when it wears out, I would probably just buy a real Maya Wrap.

The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics and I bought the rings at
*no, he is not Conan O'Brien's illegitimate son*

One of the advantages of a home made sling is that it won't be recalled. One of the disadvantages is, well, that it won't be recalled. I was very careful with my stitching and tested it with cans before I put him in it. Even before the CPSC warnings about baby slings came out, I've been careful to make sure his face is always uncovered and I usually wrap the tail around the rings so his head won't bump against them.

I don't know if baby wearing will really make him a smarter, more confident child, but it is definitely convenient and sometimes soothes him well.

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