Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Baskets!

Easter dinner at my house was a success! The emergency can of icing and the M&M's salvaged the cake, my dad stepped in to make the traditional pea salad (so traditional that there's no written recipe anywhere) and there were enough solid nap times in the previous weeks for me to make little Easter baskets.

I used a tutorial I stumbled upon on one of the AlphaMom blogs via Craftzine. I can't find it again, but the process is very simple.

Mix equal parts clear Elmer's glue (I found it at Micheal's) and water.
2. Shred paper. I used brown paper bags and cute gift bags I got on super sale at Target.
3. Cover a bowl or something to use as the mold with plastic wrap. If you use something made out of glass, you'll have to pour a little vegetable oil down the side of the mold between the plastic wrap and the glass to get it to slip off. I forgot that cling wrap clings, and freaked out a little until I figured this trick out.
4. Dip handfuls of the shredded paper into the glue mixture and apply to the mold, like paper mache.
5. Enjoy the goopy, silly, messiness of it all.
6. Wait about 24 hours before trying to remove your nest/basket

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