Thursday, August 5, 2010

My First Waldorf - Inspired Doll

*What's up?*

I made this little guy for my son after coming across Waldorf dolls while I was searching for safe, non-toxic baby toys. 
(Side Note: My personal crazy is worrying about toxic toys and house cleaners. I have a theory that China is slowly trying to take over the West by giving our children toys with heavy metals. Again, this is just my own personal crazy, no need to comment.)

Ben likes him, he started waving at him when he was just a head. He likes to play with him, but the last time he did, he pulled out a few strands of the hair that I spent so much time carefully tacking down. So, the little guy is on the shelf for now. (I guess I'm one of those moms.)

The pattern I used for the body can be found here. Everything said and done, the doll is 11'' tall.

The t-shirt was made from this pattern.

The pants I made on my own, that pattern needs work.

This website has the best list of doll-making resources that I've seen out there.



  1. This turned out really well! (Dec would totally pull out the hair, too.)