Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Guy

A little while back, Ben and I collaborated on a guy for him. Not a doll, or a baby, but a guy. His name is "My Guy" in fact. He's bigger and heavier than the other dolls I've made, standing about 16" tall. Ben picked out the fabric for the clothes, the button on the shirt (he loves buttons) and the color of his "hair". My Guy was supposed to have blue hair, but Ben liked the crocheted wig cap so much as a hat, I just left it as is.

My Guy is currently in the closet because Ben has zero interest in him now that the sewing portion is done. That's ok. We passed several pleasant afternoons sorting buttons and sewing together. He's old enough now to sit on my lap with his hands on mine and sew. He loves all things machine, so my big grey heavy duty Singer machine is way more interesting than a doll. Or guy. I let him do the reverse button and turn the wheel. The other day, I took it apart to clean and oil it and he thought that was pretty awesome. We're currently making a quilt together.

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