Thursday, May 15, 2008


I made this headboard in 2005; it was for my first apartment, a little 425 a month one bedroom in a not so great part of Dallas.

I slept pretty well there, despite the suspicion that my across the hall neighbor was a drug dealing pimp and the time I called 911 because I thought I heard gun shots (it was some domestic violence that involved throwing things really hard, but no gun.) It really wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I like the 2-Dness of it. My room was too small and my budget too tight to afford a real headboard. One of my goals when I graduated from college was to find a job that gave me health insurance and to buy a queen sized bed, all for myself. I grew up entirely in twin sized beds, so it was an amazing luxury to have all that space to my self.

This time of having a space and a bed completely to myself was rather short-lived, but I moved into a happy relationship and I wouldn't trade an empty bed for a full one.

Still, I treasure this moment in my life.

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