Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stalker's Anthem

*A Kurt Halsey drawing, stolen from Google*

The new Death Cab for Cutie song, "I Will Possess Your Heart" is the best stalker song since Sting's "I'll Be Watching You".

The Death Cab lyrics tell of a desperate, needy, emotional creepiness. (Also a grandiose need to make the beginning of the song 5 minutes of mostly instrumental dithering).

Check this out:

There are days when outside your window, I see my reflection as I slowly pass
And I long for this mirrored perspective, when we'll be lovers, lovers at last
You gotta spend some time--love, you gotta spend some time with me
And I know that you'll find--love, I will possess your heart(x2)

Excellent. I stare at you window dreaming of doing sexy things to you while possibly touching myself and mentally perseverate over the idea of emotionally owning you.

If this song were a picture, it could be any number of Kurt Halsley drawing. This is not a dis. I think he is talented and I like his work. I would love to own a piece (physically, not emotionally) but I waited too long and he skyrocketed.

While Death Cab sings about a mostly emotional stalking, Sting sings about a more cold hearted, old fashioned kind of stalking. Look here:

Oh, cant you see
You belong to me
Now my poor heart aches
Every step you take

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you.

While some heart related emotion does get mentioned, this song feels much more about physical stalking. Sting is hiding in the bushes with a tiny notepad writing down your every move. If only you'd noticed him more, he wouldn't have to stalk you. If only you noticed him more, you could get a restraining order.

So, depending on your personal style of stalking the human being of your desire, you have two songs to motivate you. If you're not into that, you have two songs to enjoy the beats and be simultaneously creeped out by.

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