Friday, September 26, 2008

Tasty Pizza for an Herbivore

*This picture is a wildly inappropriate match for the rest of this post*

White Spinach Pizza

1 pre-made crust from the grocery store (or make your own, if you're talented like that)
Alfredo sauce
Fresh spinach
Red Pepper
Italian Cheese blend

toasted pine nuts or walnuts

Wine suggestions:
A good South African Sauvingon Blanc
An easy red, like Menage a Trois

Combine all of the ingredients in a pizza like fashion. Bake until is smells good, the cheese is melted and the crust browned.

Ingredient ratios can be adjusted to taste - for example, more spinach for a healthier pie or more garlic, to ward off potential good night kisses from unwanted suitors. Or, if you've had a crap day, forgo all the pizza ingredients except for the alfredo, cheese and bread. Increase the amount of wine to make up the difference.

Have a good weekend!

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