Monday, September 29, 2008

Mysterious Visitors

There are a lot of people crossing my path that I've never met and know nothing about.

We don't have a balcony or porch. We have a very wide walkway. We have a little table and chairs and some plants on our section of the walkway, as do most people in our complex.

We also have a mysterious person who regularly fills up and empties the ash tray. And someone is kind enough to keep our plants watered. (Smoker with a green thumb? Plant elf?)

I like that our little patio area is welcoming to strangers and the strangers are kind enough to take care of it for us. It's an invisible community. I almost want to leave our ghostly guests a little note, but I don't want to scare them away.

My other mysterious visitors are from the internet. I get an e-mail on Mondays telling me how many people read my blog, where they linked from, etc. The majority of my visitors find me through Google.
The keywords searched? Not "awesome knitting" or "really cool chick that likes to ramble". No. "Opposite of xenophobia" (a post about our trip to Italy and Spain) garners me the most hits. I rank number TWO on the search page for that one.

The second is "largest gauge" (about how I knit a big sleeve and my gauge was correct.) I rank number ONE! on Google for that.

So, just by writing those words, my hits will go up noticeably. Weird. I hope the people don't mind being led of track to a knitting/craft/randomness blog.

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