Saturday, September 13, 2008

Turning a Square

Pattern: Turn a Square
O-wool Balance in graphite and peridot
size 6 and 7 needles

*The only thing I love more than the hat in this picture is the man wearing it*

With the weather down to a mere 90 degrees these days, I thought I'd knit a winter at for Mr. W. You know, because it's weird to not be suffering from low degree heat stroke.

This is the happiest I've been with a knit project in a long, long time. It was quick, fun and I loved the yarn. It's 50/50 cotton and wool, wonderfully tweedy and reasonably priced. If I had the gumption, I'd knit a sweater out of it.

It's a nice update on your run-of the-mill striped beanie and would be a good gift knit. Also, you have a good amount of yarn left over to make a baby toy. (Watch out nicephew, your crazy aunt is already making you weird knitted things)

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  1. I officially think you are one of the most talented persons I've ever had the pleasure to meet. This hat is all sorts of awesomeness and I'm jealous! I still think about learning to knit (especially with the holidays luring their ugly head). Mrs. Alexis W. You just made my day that much more awesome. There's this guy who at work who wears a hat similar to this and what we discussed at camp.

    By the way, how are you?