Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mnolo - Collagist

Back in the day, the KTSW days to be exact, I worked with this guy named Manny in the production department. He always made really creative, technically and sonically awesome station promos/sound beds/PSAs...everything he worked on sounded professional.

These days, he owns an independent record label and multimedia production studio and is an electronic music producer.

He just released a new album called Collagist and it's available for free on his website. He collaborated with a ton of talented musicians; each track seamlessly combines his talent with theirs. A range of influences are woven through his music - Latin American beats, hip-hop and experimental electronica are the first that come to mind. One of my favorites songs, "Muse", is Portishead-esque.

It's an excellent album. I've never been hugely into electronica but Collagist is really accessible. The sound is not rave-tastic, it's not bizzare static and it's not redundant sampling. And, if you can't commit to a full download, you can preview a few songs here.

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