Monday, January 12, 2009

What my Dreams Sing

I woke up this morning with this persistent beat and a line of song looping endlessly in my head. I typed in the lyrics my brain was singing into teh Google and was able to figure out that the song was "Kids" by MGMT.

Thank goodness. I really like the song and it got my morning off to an upbeat start. But if I hadn't been able to figure out what it was, I'd start developing an ego over the tiny talented electronica musician in my brain that creates awesome pop sings while I sleep. I'd start recording these things and releasing them to the public, only to be shamed to find out that I was actually a just poor copycat and there is no tiny musician in my brain, just that I've probably been taking too much allergy medicine.

While no one has discovered a homonuculus musician,
Radiolab did an episode about "Earworms" a while back...why songs get stuck in your head, people who hear music constantly...fascinating stuff. I <3 radiolab.

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