Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Quite Weekend Knitting

Pattern: Fluffy Lace Camisole and Pull-Off Cowl (just the cowl)
Yarn: Elann Super Kydd
Needles: size 10

I've been really happy with most of my projects lately; this is not one of them. The first beef I have is that it took me over a week to just make the cowl. I guess if you have the time and stamina to knit non-stop for two days you could maybe complete both pieces.
The second beef is the size. I think it's too big. Had I cast on fewer stitches than the recommended 133, it wouldn't be so droopy. I'm not going to block it for fear it might become even larger.

*it seems to also make my neck look alien skinny*

I can kinda tuck it around and wear it with my coat. It is pretty warm and I think the blue looks nice with the grey, so I won't count this project as a total wash.

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