Monday, February 2, 2009

When to Quit

It's been said that a mark of being a great artist is knowing when to quit. I make no pretensions of being a great artist, but I think knowing when to quit is a good skill for any creative endeavor. Right up there with "Keep it simple, stupid.
I had a little more fun felting this weekend and attempted to make the giraffe from Wool Pets. The book had to go back to the library before I finished him, so some of his parts have been guesstimated.
Clearly, he is still a work in progress, but how much more progress? I kinda like him how he is, even though his exact place in the animal kingdom looks a bit ambiguous right now.

How far should I go? full spots? a face? is he sweet enough? Your thoughts.


  1. Hey Alexis!
    Forgot about your nifty little blog here, it is now RSSed!
    I like the little guy how he is. :)