Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!

2010 went by so fast that I never got used to writing the date. December '09? Oh, wait, oops. I hope this next year feels more leisurely. I have some big plans and some small goals - get the house decorated more to my liking, get some muscle tone, and maybe get my little crafty business officially started.

Anyway, back in the old '10, I knit a scarf that I have been affectionately calling my buttered kittens scarf. No worries, neither kittens nor butter were harmed in its creation but an alpaca or two might have been a inconvenienced. Wanna see it?

Yarn: Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, color 562 (2 skeins)
Needles: size 15 (which makes me feel like I'm knitting with someone else's arms!)

Rarely will I buy the whole book for just one pattern, but the yarn was such a perfect match and I enjoyed the first Last Minute Knitted Gifts so much, it had to be done. It also looks quite nice with my heathered gray winter coat.

Santa was good to me this year and many of my crafting dreams came true, including a new sewing machine! Let the 2011 creations commence!

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