Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted, though not for lack of subject matter. I just hate this time of year. It's bone chillingly cold, everyone is sick, and the skies are grey more often than not. I have been hunkered down, waiting for spring.

I do have some bright spots of color to share now. We had a laid-back Valentine's Day. My husband came home for lunch (seeing him mid-day is always a treat!) and we splurged on these awesome coffee mugs. And of course, there were roses.

This one goes beautifully with my new purple kitchen walls.
See the double center?

These long late winter nights have been filled with making of various kinds. I have knitted my first successful sweater! I wore it to mom's night out and no one even asked me if I made it. I count this as a huge compliment, because it looks so good people must have thought it was commercially made. Unfortunately, I have yet to get a great picture of it. This one will have to do instead.

Pattern: Idlewood
Yarn: Berrocco Peruvia in Abusar
Needles: 11 and 10

It is so flattering and comfortable. It has also restored my faith in my ability to knit garments.

It hasn't all been knitting here, either. Here is the first doll of 2011.

He is made from a new pattern I designed and a sweet 9" tall. His jammy pants are upcycled from an old button down and his shirt is flannel. I'm not 100% happy with his shirt, but overall I love him and plan on making some more. There are a lot of things happening in the doll department but they're not quite ready to be announced yet. Stay tuned...

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