Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hand-Dyed Yarn

The other day, I spent a happy nap time in the kitchen with steaming pots of vinegar water, yarn, and dye. I haven't dyed yarns in years (some previous attempts here and here), so I refreshed my memory of the process with a few tutorials and then jumped right in.
 As everyone knows by now, I love making a mess. Dyeing your own yarn is a great way to make a mess. I suggest gloves at the very least, but a full body hazmat suit wouldn't be overboard. I got dye everywhere. Luckily it came out of my jeans, off the floor, and didn't stain the counters. The trick is to get it up quick before it sets.

Anyway, this round was done with food grade dyes on a bulky 100% wool single-ply base yarn. All of these little skeins are destined to become doll hair. Fairy doll hair.

Aren't my pictures nice? I rigged up a tiny home photo studio for about 10 dollars and 20 minutes worth of time. As you can see though the window, there was almost no natural light to be had that day. Ha, mother nature! I got good shots anyway. The how-to for the photo light box is here.

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